Changemaker Training

At MUST, we realize, through years of real-life experience in the professional corporate world, that success beyond the university takes more than technical knowledge and skills.  It takes attitudes, behaviors, skills and mindsets that are rarely taught at the university level.  MUST created a unique and innovative Changemaker Program aimed at developing elements of success beyond the technical realm.  From the first day students are accepted at MUST, a freshman bootcamp instills in students that they are in charge, and they are here to fulfill a unique mission defined by their unique talents and experiences, that they CAN make the change they want to see in their lives, in their communities, in the industry, and in the world.
Throughout their time at MUST, students take various classes where they actively develop the concepts covered in the freshman bootcamp.  Students develop and transform through an effective public speaking training program,  a unique leadership development program.  They also develop a Design Thinking mindset where students develop empathy and learn by doing, taking risks and by giving and receiving feedback from peers, customers, mentors.  Last but not least, students learn to manage emotions, which is an often ignored aspect of our lives but in fact is a large determinant of success beyond the classroom.