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YLC Course Description

Programming in C

Course overview:

C is a general-purpose programming language. C is an imperative and procedural language and can be thought of as situated between high-level languages and low-level assembly and machine code. While C does not have many of the features available in high-level languages, it scores highly on performance and run-time efficiency. Many of the industry’s basic components are written in C, such as the kernel of Windows, Linux, Unix, and other operating systems. C has served as the foundation for writing more modern languages such as Python, Ruby, and PHP. Learn the principles of coding in C by developing practical projects in this two-month, three-hour-a-week program with qualified MUST instructors.

Course details:

Every Sunday, 9h – 12h Or  13h – 16h

Course topics:

  • Variables and types.
  • Expressions and their evaluation.
  • Arrays.
  • Input and output.
  • Random Numbers.
  • If and Switch Statements.
  • Loops
  • Memory management.


To register for the course, please fill in all the required fields below and hit the Register button. The cost of the two-month training is 300 TND. This includes a refreshment break during each of the 8 sessions.

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